July 10, 2002 

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T.V.Padmakumar, Mankuzhy House, Pangappara, Sreekariyam, Thiruvananthapuram 695017

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With no formal academic qualification in Mathematics, a young man has discovered the amazing properties of magic squares.  Padmakumar, an honorary fellow in the State Science, Technology and Environment Department (STED) for the last 11 years, has published the wonderful properties of the magic square called ‘Sri Rama Chakra’ in the international mathematical journal, ‘Fibonacci Quarterly’ in August 1997.

His latest research findings are on the peculiar properties of number 384.  In fact, using ‘Sri Rama Chakra-like 4x4 squares, only 384 strong magic squares can be formed.  Padmakumar had presented a paper on the peculiar properties of Sri Rama Chakra in the national seminar, ‘Aryabhatta 2001’

His latest findings are based on certain mathematical properties of planets in the solar system.  Such details are included in the manuscript of the book on Sri Rama Chakra he has prepared for STED.

Padmakumar has spoken on the contributions of ancient India in mathematics to audiences in many research institutions, including Kerala University.


Courtesy: Malayala Manorama, May 2002

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