December 8, 2002 

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Dr. Resmi Varma, Head,  Gynecology Clinic, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai

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She was the 1st woman and the 1st non-white to join the famous St.George Medical School as a consultant senior lecturer in the 250-year-old history of the institution.  And with a salary of ₤85,000 a year, she was one of the highest paid doctors in London.  Dr. Resmi Varma, who made significant contributions in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, especially in the treatment of infertility in Britain for about 3 decades, has now come back to India to employ her talents here.

Dr.Varma, who had a brilliant academic career, was the best outgoing student and gold medallist from Tamil Nadu in medicine.  Years later she had the honour to represent her adopted country, Britain, at an international conference held at Cuttack in 1977 – the 1st foreigner to have that honour.

She was a member of the Royal Senate and Royal Society of Medicine and in those capacities traveled all over the world.

However, her success had its bitter side too.  She had to fight against colour and gender discrimination all the 24 years of her service.  At the end of her patience, she took the matter to court.  In an out of court settlement, the authorities offered to pay her a huge sum as compensation. 

But honour was more important for her.  Finally the medical school agreed to institute a medal in her name for the best postgraduate student in gynecology and obstetrics and to have a ‘Dr.Resmi Varma Scientific Annual Lecture’. 

As the most cherished achievement in her life, she lists her work on infertility.  “I treasure the letters from many grateful couple, who wrote to say that I had brought meaning to their lives”.




Courtesy: Manarkad Mathew, Vanitha, September 15-30, 2000

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"Half an egg is better than an empty shell."