December 6, 2002 

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Licy and Pramod John, ‘Prakriti’, St.Thomas Town, Bangalore.

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Licy and Pramod John, the couple who run the voluntary organization, ‘Prakriti’ at Bangalore to provide free training in painting, dance and letters to the poor children, will now be working for a year at Kargil, Kashmir.

They are part of the Sadbhavana Project, conceived by Lt.General Arjun Rai, aimed at weaning the youth of Kashmir away from extremism.  And towards this end, they will be lighting the lamp of learning among the people of Leh and Kargil districts.  Their method of teaching will incorporate the social and cultural ethos of the region.  “A for apricot” would be more appropriate than “A for apple”.

Lincy and Pramod were classmates at CMS College, Kottayam.  After post graduation in English literature, Pramod went on to study computer science.  The couple settled down in Bangalore in 1988.

Both nurtured the dream of a school to develop the talents of poor children.  Lincy is a good painter.  Besides, she had won many prizes in classical dancing during her college days.  Pramod is a good photographer.  The couple desired that their talents should benefit the poor children.  Towards this end they started the organization ‘Prakriti’ at St.Thomas Town, Bangalore.

“At Kargil we plan to encourage the people to revive their cottage industries.  The women should be guided in making woolen articles while the men need to be helped in pottery”, says Pramod.



Courtesy: Benny Xavier, Gruhalakshmi, July 2001

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