December 3, 2002 

Inspiration for the day

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Anirudhan Nilamel, Research Assistant, Economics and Statistics Department, Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.

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He has done single-handedly what a team of software professionals would have done: designing, writing code, debugging and implementing across a network an election software to determine the delegatesí choice as the best film in the International Film Festival Kerala, held in Thiruvananthapuram recently.

Using Anirudhan Nilamelís software, 895 delegates voted to choose ĎDanií by T.V.Chandran as the best film.  Later while distributing the awards, the acclaimed filmmaker and Chalachitra Academy chairman, Adoor Gopalakrishnan commented on the flawless programme developed by this Research Assistant in Economics and Statistics Department, Vikas Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram.

However, Anirudhan has not stopped his one-man effort with that.  He has recently developed a programme to calculate the DA arrears of Government employees applicable to the DA enhancement of September 2002.

This small but useful programme has been licensed to the Department where he works.  It is available for free to any employee who may care to approach the Department with a floppy.


Courtesy: Kerala Kaumudi, April 6, 2002 and Malayala Manorama, November 13, 2002

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