December 17, 2002 

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Gangadharan Vaidyar, CNS Vaidyasala, Mezhathoor, Koottanad, Palakkad

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In 1967 when Gangadharan Vaidyar started his independent career as ayurvedic doctor, he couldn’t have imagined that his Chathan Nair Smaraka (CNS) Vaidyasala would one day be selling products in major cities in India and even abroad.  Or that the Kerala University would recognize it as a centre for treatment of children and Ayurveda College, Pune would recognize it as a research centre.

But 45 years later, the above and more have come to pass.  The Vaidyasala has recently constructed a manufacturing unit costing Rs.80 lakhs and it anticipates an annual turnover of Rs.1˝ crores.  A nursing home costing Rs.50 lakhs is also in the anvil.

Vaidyar started his career by prescribing medicines.  But when the patients complained of non availability of many items, he had to try his hand at home-made packing of medicinal ingredients. 

In 1987, as the demand increased, the outhouse used to keep wooden logs had to be converted into a manufacturing unit. From then onwards the rise of the firm was swift.

His wife is a great grand daughter of his guru Chathan Nair.  Their 2 children and son-in-law, who are all ayurvedic doctors, help in leading the Vaidya Sala.



Courtesy: C. Sankaranarayanan, Mathrubhumi, November 11, 2002

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