December 14, 2002 

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Pallivetta,  Thiruvananthapuram

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150 horticultural nurseries with an annual turnover of Rs.2 crore plus: this is the achievement of a small village, Pallivetta, nestling in the lap of Agastya Mountain in Thiruvananthapuram district.  Orders for their saplings come from outside the State and even abroad. 

What was started 25 years ago by the duo of Nesamani and Jamal as a means of livelihood has turned out to be a sustaining occupation for about 500 families in the village at present.

The young plants reared here find their way to places like Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Mumbai etc. besides the local market.  Even traders from the garden city, Bangalore, have rated it just below Mannuthi in Thrissur as the place to purchase seedlings from.

Humind climate, availability of sufficient water, lack of extreme climate… these factors help the village pose as an idyllic place for young and upcoming plants.  It would be correct to say that this bounty from Nature is more than the help they receive from the Government.  However, they get occasional help from NGOs like Mitra Niketan, Velland and Dale View, Punalal.

With hope as manure, the nursery owners wait for better days ahead.

A scene from Palllivetta


Courtesy: Ajith Kiliyoor, Malayala Manorama, October 26, 2002

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"Self-preservation is the first law of nature."