December 10, 2002 

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P.K.Prasad, Parakkal, Poothakkuzhi, Kottayam

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The efforts of 18 years have not been in vain.  P.K.Prasad, Parakkal, Poothakkuzhi, Kottayam has been selected as the best dairy farmer in the State. 

Prasad, who had not thought of any other vocation than cattle rearing, had been fond of the quadrupeds since his school days.  He began with 1 or 2 goats.  But soon the herd multiplied into and he could find no place to keep them.  It was then that he switched over to rearing cows.

These too soon filled the cowshed for Prasadís loving care had a knack of making the cows yield at least 2 or 3 litres more than expected quantity of milk.

He is as keen to feed the cows wholesome food, as he is to get milk out of them.  Prasad, who regularly supplies more than 100 litres of milk to the cooperative society has won various prizes for the upkeep of cows during the last 8 years.

He does himself the milking and bathing of the animals as well as the marketing of the milk with help from his parents and wife, Sajitha.

As the foreign varieties of cows cannot bear the tropical heat of Kerala, the fan in the cowshed has to be on throughout the day.  Every once in a while the cows need to be sprayed with cold water.




Courtesy: Staff Representative (text), M.M.Thomas (photo), Karshakan, January 1999

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"If you buy the cow, take the tail into the bargain."