December 1, 2002 

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students of Lourde Matha School, Pacha, Thakazhy, Alappuzha 

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“What does one gain by agriculture?”  If the students of Lourde Matha School, Pacha, Thakazhy, Alappuzha are asked this question, they will reply: “stereo, water filter, clock.”

One need not be astonished by the answer for these students have helped the purchase of these items from the income generated through their vegetable cultivation in the school compound.

“The students come mostly from lower income groups.  It wouldn’t be fair to ask their parents to sponsor the purchase of equipments for the school.  Income generation through vegetable cultivation was the other option”, says headmaster P.J.George, the motivation behind the endeavour.

Since 1992, the Young Farmers’ Club of the school is involved in vegetable cultivation.  In the same year, the school won the 3rd prize for the best vegetable cultivation in the district.  And the next year they had won the 1st prize.

The school had chosen ‘Agriculture and Gardening’ for its pre-vocational course.  As part of it, the headmaster had an opportunity to attend a special training on agriculture.  This gave him the idea to start cultivation in school premises.

Among those who gave leadership for the programme were sponsors of the Club, P.K.Antony and Baby Mathew; teachers, Thankachan, Babu and Kuriyachan; school leader Prasanth Soni Soman etc.  Agriculture Officer Dahlia Cherian and Assistant Raju provided necessary guidance.

A by-product of the exercise was that students had a better vision of agriculture.  Earlier it was very difficult to make them understand the concept of hybrid plants.  But now they know it from experience, says the headmaster.



Courtesy: Geordy George (text), M.M.Thomas (photo), Karshakan, April 1999

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"The love of money and the love of learning rarely meet."