September 28, 2022

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Molly Joy, Chitrapuzha, Irumpanam, Ernakulam

Decades ago, as a school student, she had wanted to go for excursions with her classmates.  But her parentsí financial condition did not permit her to realise her dreams then.  Yet, 61-year-old Molly Joy has travelled to 11 countries in the last 10 years, using the money she earned while running a small grocery store in her neighbourhood of Chitrapuzha in Irumpanam in Ernakulam.

Molly was married to Joy, a labourer, who owned the small grocery store.  Since he was a labourer Molly who used to run it.  People call it the Lulu Mall of the neighbourhood as one could buy almost anything from there.  

18 years ago, Joy died. His son secured employment in a foreign country and her daughter was married off.  So, with not much familial duties and expenses, she again dreamt of travelling.

The magazines and travel journals being sold in her store helped her visualize the various places she wanted to see.  Her first trip outside the State was with her neighbours.  Initially, she was worried about keeping the store opened, as her son and daughter were far away.  However, she decided to let go.  In that trip, she visited places like Palani, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Mysuru etc.

She foots all her expenses using income generated from her store.  She never takes out any loan but sometimes pawns her jewelry.  Though she has studied only upto Class 10,  she plans her trips on her own.

As if in response to her intense longing to travel, her immediate neighbour Mary requested her to join them for a foreign tour.  She obtained her passport in 2010 and made the overseas trip in 2012.  It was a 10-day trip to Europe.

She later made 15-days trips each to UK and USA. 



 Thanima (text), Lifebeyondnumbers.com, July 8, 2022.


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