January 23, 2022

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muhammed salim: cutivator and promoter of organic turmeric

Muhammed Salim,  Kattakath House, Vallivattom P.O., Thrissur 680123

Organatura Farm Products +91 82812 59757

Few years ago, Muhammed Salim had suffered severely from Herpes. The pain was so severe that he could neither eat or sleep.  After visits to many hospitals and a surgery, the disease wasn’t completely cured.  Doctors told him bluntly that at his age it was not likely to be cured.

It was then that he turned to Ayurveda.  Based on the instruction of an ayurvedic practitioner from Irinjalakkuda, he mixed turmeric in gooseberry juice and started taking it as a medicine.  Soon the disease was completely cured.

Inspired, Salim started learning more about the spice.  Further, he started its cultivation and became an ambassador for its use. 

As his cultivation went on increasing, so also his activity of being an active promoter of the use of organic turmeric.

Though many wholesalers and companies approach him for bulk orders, he doesn’t sell his product to them.  According to him, the companies would extract curcumin from the turmeric and use it for medical purposes.  But his intention is to bring organic turmeric powder and turmeric roots to the masses.  So, he sells a maximum of 2 kg of turmeric powder directly to the user.

He uses organic fertilizers prepared at home for his cultivation.

He sells two varieties of turmeric powder.  One steam-baked and other Sun-baked.  The second variety is more costly considering the time and labour for its preparation.

Over the years, there has been steady increase in the buyers of his products.  Further, VIPs too have come to know the significance and quality of his products.  Among those who have visited his 6 acre farm include the then Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, Agriculture Minister Sunil Kumar, Film Actors Salim Kumar and Sreenivasan etc.

When he conducts classes on turmeric, he requests the participants to cultivate atleast a few turmeric plants in their household.  He usually gives away turmeric roots free during such lectures.

He has truly altered the views of many on turmeric.  He has shown that an insignificant glass piece may be a diamond in disguise.


 T.S.Naufiya (text), thebetterindia.com, August 5, 2020 & (photo) Mathrubhumi


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