May 25, 2021

Inspiration for the day

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Philip Daniel, Kochi

Many are the drawbacks of the common face mask: it has no provision for breathing in fresh air, the exhaust lingers on and is a health-hazard to the wearer, one has to remove the mask to take in a glass of water or juice through a straw etc.  In addition, the common mask conceals the identity of the face behind it.

Philip Daniel, a management consultant from Kochi has come up with a solution to these drawbacks.  His patented solution, called ‘Daniel’s face shield’ overcomes all these difficulties. 

Made using medical grade plastic, its other salient features include provision for inflow of fresh air using battery-operated air-exchange system, provision of 4 filters, prevention of bacteria entering from outside, retention of bacteria let out with the breath, charging arrangement for long time use, and the ability of the wearer to use straw to take in liquid food.  Besides, it facilitates facial recognition.

Philip Daniel, who originally hails from Aranmula, is a mechanical engineering graduate with management diploma.  For 35 years he had been in the automobile field and for the last 10 years, in the consultancy field.

He is in consultation with companies to commercialise his patent.

K.P.Rajeevan (text), Kerala Kaumudi, May 8, 2021



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