August 25, 2021

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C.V.Varghese, Wayanad 9744367439


Two constraints inhibit agriculture in cities: lack of space and absence of soil.  For both these, the method adopted by C.V.Varghese, a vegetable farmer from Wayanad, could be a solution.  He uses a vertical tower of wire mesh and dry leaves to overcome these challenges. 

First, he procured 5 feet tall wire-mesh with 2-inch gaps. Before filing it, he placed a perforated PVC pipe with holes at 3.5 inches intervals to let water into it.  Next, a layer of dry hay was spread at the bottom to prevent leaking of the potting mix.

This was followed by a 50 cm layer of dry leaves, followed by a layer of wet cow dung.  The next layer was that of organic dry mix.  In this mix, he planted potatoes.  And then added a layer of dry leaves.

The process was repeated with more layers of dry leaves, cow dung, organic mix and potato sprouts.  Potatoes, carrots, capsicum and tomatoes were the ones he planted in November.  As he watered them regularly, within a month, the leaves started peeping through the mesh.

By January he was able to harvest the vegetables.  Though he didnít count how many saplings were planted, he could get 120 potatoes from 10 towers.  The other vegetables were also more than sufficient for the family.  ďAfter taking what we needed, we shared the rest with the neighbours,Ē says his son Akhil Varghese.

Though his farm in Wayanad isnít lacking in either space or soil, his innovation could be more beneficial to those in cities where these things are at a premium. 





Roshni Muthukumar (text), The betterindia.com, March 8, 2021



''The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."