September 15, 2019

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Rathi Gopinath, Sishya Learing Centre, Panniyankara, Kozhikode.

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Once when her son, their only child, was backward in studies, she had felt sad like any average mother.  Later, when he became a successful Disk Jockey in Bangalore, she was perhaps the one who rejoiced in his success the most.  The change was partly because she had gone on to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to recognize and help students with learning disabilities. 

Rathi Gopinath, who got married after Pre-Degree, got back into studies after 5 years and completed post-graduation in commerce.  It was while working as a teacher at Alpha to Omega, a special school for learning-challenged in Chennai, that she understood her calling in life was to help such children.  To do full justice to her job, she acquired post-graduation in psychology as well as a dozen diplomas in learning disabilities from different universities of the world.

Based on these inputs, she formulated her own technique of helping such children.  In the Sishya Learning Centre that she runs at Panniyankara, Kozhikode, she employs her method of empowering them.

According to her, the vital thing is to enable them to think for themselves.  Whether the students are facing challenges in learning or not, this method will help them acquire new skills and improve what they already possess. 

Once she had to face the challenge of teaching 15 children who had been thrown out of their schools.  These schools were unaware of their learning disabilities.  On keen scrutiny, she was able to spot their problems and equip them with learning skills in a span of 5 years.  Many of them are preparing for higher studies now.

“The first thing that a teacher should do is to create a smile in the heart of students.  When that happens, there will be smiles on their faces too”, says the creative teacher.

Schools in different parts of the world make use of Rathi Gopinath’s method.  Though all jobs offer their own delights, the satisfaction of seeing learning-challenged students read and write is immense, she says.



Courtesy: V.R.Jyothish (text), Ajeeb Komachi (photo), Vanitha, July 1-14, 2016

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude."