October 21, 2019

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Dr.Kumari, Pottethu, Tirur, Malappuram.

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Dr. Kumari would have continued to be a psychologist who had brought up three children earlier in life.  But one night in 2011 brought the mother in her to the fore and made her the first individual to legally accept unwanted infants discarded by unfortunate parents.  Her house at Pottethu, Tirur, Malappuram has so far received 10 infants who have been handed over to Child Welfare Committee.

That night she was returning home with her husband Col.Sukumaran.  There was a slight traffic jam near their home and she heard the growling of dogs in the vacant compound.  Did she hear the helpless cry of an infant?  She hurried to the spot only to find an ant-bitten infant with blood stains from many wounds, wrapped in a cloth.

She grabbed him and put him in a hospital.  After treatment for a week, he was handed over to the police.

The haunting scene of dogs mauling the infant kept recurring in her mind.  She took out from the loft the cradle used by her three children. She placed it in the front yard of the house, close to the public road so that anyone desiring to discard an infant may do so in a safe place.  At the same time, she took legal steps to bolster her bold step.

There was opposition from many corners.  Some accused her of being a front for selling children.  Some advanced the philosophical argument that such facilities would encourage the prospective discarders.  But the support of her children and husband gave her the courage to face all challenges.

The arrival of each infant is an occasion for joy and sorrow, says Dr.Kumari.  Joy that the infant has found a safe place.  And sorrow at the plight of the mother who had been forced to part with her loving child.

A Bharatanatyam and Kutchipudi dancer and a veena player, she uses her time to counsel women and girls, and to support them for their livelihood.


Courtesy: Shilpa B.Raj (text), Ajeeb Komachi (photo), Vanitha, April 15-30, 2015


"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."