November 16, 2019

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Latha Nair, Amrita Varshini, Marappalam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram

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Mighty rivers start with a mere trickle.  The good Samaritan drive of young Latha Nair started with the gift of lunch for her not-so-well-off classmate in college.  Soon she donned the role of an organizer by assembling her friends to take turns to bring food for that bright girl.

The influence of her teacher, Sr.Latheesha, encouraged her to spread the wings of her charity beyond the walls of the classroom.  It broadened as a kind look, a pair of dress and so on.

The test of faith came when her would-be groom met with a serious accident just few days before their marriage.  Against best intended advice, she dared to garland the one who had been bandaged from head to toe in the hospital.

For months, she looked after her husband and brought him back to life.  Meanwhile, she secured a job in Matsafed and had a daughter.  In the midst of domestic and official duties, she did not disappoint the ones who came to her for succor.

However, before she was 40, her husband succumbed to the inevitable.  And after her daughter married and embarked to the USA, she felt the lonesome emptiness.  One more decade passed in official work and concurrent social service.  It was then that Providence chose her to shoulder challenging task.

She had no knowledge of brittle bone disease when a friend asked her if she could look after such a patient from Sultan Bathery, Wayanad.  It was based on the life of this patient that she started Amrita Varshini as a forum and succor to such persons.

A patient with this disease is likely to suffer about 400 fractures in his or her lifetime.  Even a strong sneeze can be a threat to them.  Amrita Varshini is the first shelter for such patients in India.

Latha finds fulfilment in the mundane achievements of her patients.  Her eyes light up when speaking of Sajitha who sat up for the first time after 35 years of lying in bed.


Courtesy: V.R. Jyothish (text), Sreekanth Kalarikkal (photo), Vanitha, November 1-14, 2019


"People with same disease share sympathy."