March 10, 2019

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Sasi, Valappil, Vennoorppadam, Annamanada, Thrissur

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On August 14, 2018, he received the glad tidings of winning Karshaka Jyothi, the award for best farmer of the State.  On the next day, he lost his entire investments in the deluge that hit the State.  Unfazed, Sasi came back from the relief camp with the firm hope to start life’s struggles afresh.

The flood had taken away his 3 cows, 2 buffalos, 3 goats, 50 rabbits, 110 ducks, 300 kada, 25 turkeys and 10 boxes of honeybees.  It razed to the ground his shed for mushroom cultivation and wiped out the crops in his 12 cents of land and another 40 cents taken on lease.

The only silver lining that awaited Sasi when he came back to his flood-shaken house was the monetary part of the award.  With that he prepared to gird up the loins and enter the arena of farming once again.

On coming to know his plight, Dr.Lucy Babu, a faculty at the Veterinary College, Mannuthy, decided to help him in some way.  When 5 other like-minded good Samaritans joined the cause, they were able to pool together Rs.72000.  They soon came to Sasi’s house and handed him the amount.

A farmer must act quickly to the door of opportunity that opens before him – be it the rain, or good quality seed or investment in animals.  From this donation, Sasi immediately purchased a cow by paying an advance of 40000.  With the balance money, he plans to rebuild the cowshed, insure the cow and buy goats and chicken.

And he dreams of winning the Karshaka Jyothi award next year also.  Sasi is ready to face life with a self confidence that cannot be dampened by any flood.



Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, December 23, 2018


"Be willing to be a beginner every single morning."