December 30, 2019

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K.S.Vikraman, Vivian Luxuary Suites, Thiruvananthapuram

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Motor Neuron Disease, that had strapped Stephen Hawking to his motorized wheelchair has another tenacious victim in its grip.  K.S.Vikraman (63), a businessman from Thiruvananthapuram is managing 50 crores business interests from his bed with mere movement of his eyes.

His businesses include Jayasree Travels with branches in five countries, Vivin Luxury Suites at Thiruvananthapuram and Al Alif Printing Press at Ajman.  He manages all these with the aid of the eye tracking device.

It was in the prime of success that disease felled him.  Vikraman, who was born on an Independence Day, studied in Kerala and went to the Middle East after marriage with his uncle and founded the printing press at Ajman.  The venture was a grand success and so he diversified into tourism and hospitality sector.

It was in 2010 that the first visit of the disease was felt by Vikraman.  What appeared as arthritis at the beginning was later diagnosed to be the dreaded disease.  His first action in anticipation of the days of confinement was to order suitable equipment from online stores.  To his son who queried the relevance of those purchases, his reply was that time would reveal it.

Meanwhile Vikraman underwent acupuncture treatment in China without any positive effect.  The ailment was becoming more acute.  Next phase of his life was in the wheelchair he had procured online earlier.  Meanwhile breathing too became difficult.  It was from a nurse that he came to know about the eye tracking device.  That brought him back into the thick of business.

He is at present confined in an ICU type room.  The eye tracking device captures the slightest movements of his eyes and convert them to letters and words.  If he stares at a letter for a few seconds, then the instrument would display the same on the screen.  When a word is complete, the device would pronounce it.

Thus, using text messages, he is actively guiding his business interests in addition to being an inspiration.



Rajesh J. Krishnan (text), Biju Varghese (photo), Mathrubhumi, November 24, 2019


"Stregth does not come from physical capacity, but from indomitable will."