March 1, 2018

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S.J.Richardson, Uriakkode, Thiruvananthapuram

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Even when the infirmities of old age attack him, S.J.Richardson, a retired Assistant Engineer from Public Works Department is a contented man.  For the noble deeds in society, he has gifted about 2.5 acres of land and a two storied house with area 3000 square feet.

It is in this house that the old age home of Sathyanweshana  Charitable Trust of Poovachal Panchayat  is working.  Another 71 cents of land adjacent to the old age home too has been gifted by him for the same cause.

In addition, he has gifted 1.25 acre land to the nature therapy centre run by Dr.Jacob Vadakkumchery, another 10 cents for the Khadi Centre and another 10 cents to the lady who runs a care centre for the mentally challenged.

While gifting the land to the old age home, he had only two requests: to let the centre be known after Jnana Selvam, his mother and two, the charitable society should support him and his wife in  their old age.  The old age centre is into organ donation, blood donation, ambulance service, free distribution of grains to the needy etc.





Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, January 1, 2016

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."