July 25, 2018

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Sindhu Rajeev, Purushottama Vilasom, Ambadi, Achan Kavala, Thodupuzha, Idukki

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Necessity was the mother of the start-up venture launched by Necessity came in the guise of financial difficulties and her reaction was to start a ‘Homestel’, a hostel for girl students of professional colleges in Thodupuzha.

The financial crisis was caused by the prolonged illness of her husband Rajeev, who was diagnosed in 2008 with liver problem.  Even doctors lost hope of recovery of the unconscious patient.  During the one and a half years of treatment, the financial reserves of the well-to-do family touched its nadir.  With three children, Sindhu, a receptionist at a college, could not make ends meet.

It was then that the idea of a hostel for girls flashed in her mind.  But procuring loan and converting the terrace of her house to hostel, she was able to add something extra to the financial needs of the family.

Few news stories of that time prompted her to start a temporary shelter for old people.  She conceived it not as an old age home, but as a temporary shelter where the dear ones could be entrusted for one day to one year by the harried breadwinners. For example, a family that wishes to go for a movie or a social function or even go abroad for a few months can entrust their elderly one at this ‘abode of homenjoyment’.  They will be safe as at home.

The inmates are provided facilities for visits to places of worship.  There is a fitness centre and recreation facility.  There is facility too, for outings.  Food of choice is provided and medical service is available.

A women’s collective runs the institution.  Home nurse Radhika is available round the clock.  So also, Valsamma, the cook.  Chellamma,  another woman  is her assistant in all matters.

She claims that this is the first temporary shelter for the aged in Kerala.  It is on  the same basis that the Manjalloor Panchayat has given  her sanction to run it.




Courtesy: M.R.Siju (text),Mathrubhumi, July 18, 2018

"Nothing has more strength than dire necessity."