January 31, 2018

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Sathyan,  Aluva

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Not many may have noticed the autorickshaw KL 07 Z 7661 plying in Kochi with posters of young ones.  For Sathyan,  Aluva, in addition to being a livelihood, plying the autorickshaw is an effort to gather resources to bring smile and cheer to the faces of at least a few young ones and their parents haunted by huge cost of treatment these days.

According to him, there are many families in Kerala, suffering silently due to paucity of funds for the treatment of their dear ones.  He senses these issues while carrying them in his auto.  He therefore keeps a portion of his earnings to relieve them of their distress.

Sathyan belongs to Kumali.  When he migrated to Kochi, he continued his job of driving autoriskshaws.  He was able to meet expenses connected with the education of his children and the construction of a house at Aluva from his job.

When his became employed, he was able to save more money.   It was then that he thought of setting aside a portion of his earning for charitable purposes.

Recently, he was able to provide 5.5 lakhs for the treatment of Arjun, a five-month-old infant from Malappuram.  So far he has provided such help to seven children totaling Rs.15 lakhs. 

For those who may need it, he has indicated his contact number 8943546837 on his auto.




Courtesy: Anes Treesa Joseph (text), Mathrubhumi, December 28, 2017

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