February 2, 2012

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Gargi, Thevalasseri Illam, Thamarakkulam, Alappuzha

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The dejected girl sitting on the floor of a train compartment going from Hyderabad to Kerala had seen her dream of becoming a pilot shattered.  A nun sitting nearby asked about her grief.

And Gargi of Thevalasseri Illam of  Thamarakkulam in Alappuzha told about her desire since the 9th standard.  How she had broached the subject to her father, a priest in a local temple after she had completed Plus Two.  How there was an uproar at home which ultimately settled down and she secured admission in the institute at Hyderabad.

But the reality at the institute was different.  Classes in unfamiliar Telungu and English, non-availability of good vegetarian food, extravagant life style of her classmates, poor grade and lack of self confidence, forced her to run away.

The nun slowly blew on the embers in her heart.  The phoenix was about to rise from the ashes.

Back home, her parents and benefactors joined hands in the search for a suitable institute where she could fulfill her dream.  At last, the Malayali captain of the Hyderabad academy suggested the instituete in Mali.

She joined there and started learning from scratch.  She devoted her entire time to study and ignored her classmates, who in any case overlooked her.  And yet when the exam results were announced and she had stood first in the class, they came to recognize her as a real hero.

No longer did the study of English or Hindi or Spanish pose any problem to her.  Chanting Sahasranama everyday, she was ready to face all challenges.  When she insisted on not attending class on Mahanavami day, her classmates too celebrated pooja of their books.

And yet the rigor of her penance was about to encounter the reality of lack of money.  She then prepared to bid adieu to the island.  And yet, at the nick of the moment, Managing Director of the academy offered to bail her out of the crisis.

Three years after the train ride from Hyderabad, she flew solo across the skies of Mali.  As she landed, a senior pilot waiting for take off congratulated her, “Smooth landing.”





Courtesy: T.R. Ramya, Mathrubhumi, January 15, 2012
Contributed by: Administrator

"Travel broadens the mind."