March 8, 2011

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Vazhimoochikkal ‘Tharavadu’, Uppuvalli Amarambalam Panchayat  Malappuram

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The extended family of Vazhimoochikkal ‘Tharavadu’, which includes almost 150 members, have volunteered to donate their eyes.  The members of the Tharavadu, including 87-year-old Lakshmi Amma and the tiny tot 1-year-old Jyothish have pledged their eyes to the noble cause

Though the 50-member tharavadu was living together at Uppuvalli in Amarambalam Panchayat of Malappuram district till 1947, many necessities forced them to move out of the place.  Yet the tharavadu tried to keep in touch with all its members.  An incident prompted the old guard to think of a way to bring all the members together at least once in a while.

An elderly member, who had gone to a relative’s place to inform about a death, was not recognized by the younger generation.  This prompted the tharavadu to conduct a conclave of its members during one Onam season.

Mere feasting and going back was not what many members wanted to do.  Rajesh, working in the health sector, put forward the idea of eye donation.  This was conveyed to all the members of the tharavadu.  As a first step, many hoardings were put up suggesting whether they could also not donate their eyes.  This set a meaningful topic for discussion and soon each member was convinced himself or herself to come forward and sign the undertaking.

The Panchayat and the Health Services rose to the occasion and accepted the eye donation offer at a well attended public function.


Courtesy: V.R.Jyothish, Vanitha, November 15-30, 2009
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