February 24, 2011

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Shabna, Sabeena Manzil, Ponnat, Kondotty, Malappuram

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At the age of 1˝ years, her legs had been paralysed.  But thanks to the tenacity of her mother, who used to physically carry her to the school till 10th standard, Shabna was soon on the path of learning.

She passed Plus Two and B.A (Malayalam) besides obtaining diploma in computer application, sari designing and glass painting.

Later the world of letters became her companion.  Her first collection of stories, ‘Ennekkumulla Ororma’ has nothing self-piting about it.  In fact it is dedicated to ‘those who do not resign to fate, but try with human will to overcome it’.  She is working on the next book.

Last year, she started Shabna’s Charitable Trust, to help those on wheelchairs, cronic patients, poor students etc.  Good portions of the profit from her father’s business, the royalty from her book etc. are channeled to the Trust.  She distributed rice and other items during Onam and other festivals.

However, at the moment she is more into counseling – through phone and internet.  Most of the callers are eking out a living in the slushy pit of despair.  To all of them she will pour the elixir of self-confidence.  Once a boy called from Kasaragod.  He wanted to die as his legs were paralysed.  Then I should have died long ago, said Shabna.  After talking to her for sometime, the boy changed his mind.  An elder lady from Kottayam called to say she was suffering from cancer and was reluctant to face the world.  However, the next time she called, she was going out to all functions.

Patients do not need your sympathy.  What they need is love and caring.  That should be available from the society as well as the family, she says.

She points out the example of her mother who has fallen down many times on the dilapidated road to the school while carrying her and the school bag.  Many asked her, why she should struggle so much to teach Shabna.  However, her mother, who had studied only upto 8th standard knew the value of education.  That mother and the father,who is always ready to fulfill her desires, are her strength, she says with wet eyes.

Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, February 20, 2010
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"Faith will move mountains."