December 6, 2011

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Prof. Anayath Rajendra Kumar, Thiruvegapura, Palakkad

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Since 1984 the Printing Industries of America has been honouring the top professional in its field with an award considered as the Oscar of Printing.  The only winner outside the US is Prof. Anayath Rajendra Kumar from Thiruvegapura, Palakkad who won it in 2010.

Many years ago, a teenager walked into the Institute of Printing Technology at Shornur, which was situated in the land handed over by his uncle to the Government.  He was curious to know what was going on inside.  The huge machines with giant wheels made an instant imprint on the mind of the boy.

However, his decision to pursue study of printing wasn’t quite palatable to his family.  But today, Rajendra Kumar has no regret about the choice he had made then.

He graduated in Printing and Graphic communication from Pune University and did post graduation in Engineering Management from Manipal University before going on to complete the doctoral dissertation in Indian Graphic Art Industry.  He was the head of Printing and Engineering Department for 10 years.  For the last 5 years, he is the head of the Hydelberb India’s Print Media Academy.

Today he is a visiting professor in universities in 5 countries. And as a representative of Print India, he has been to about 40 countries.

According to him, the future of printing is promising - with inputs from nano science, micro-structuring and engineering set to revolutionise the field.


Courtesy: K.A.Johny (text), Mathrubhumi, November 20, 2011
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"He that is a master of himself will soon  be a master of others."