January 27, 2010

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Dr.Pavithran, Head, Malayalam Department, Calicut University Campus, Thenhippalam, Malappuram

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Time hides and often erases things that are long past.  However, some persons take it upon themselves the unraveling and correction of our concepts of the past.  Dr.Pavithran, who has a penchant for extricating meanings from old scripts of South India, is one such. 

This head of Malayalam Department at Calicut University campus has to his credit the derivation of meaning from at least two dozen stone inscriptions in Northern Malabar.  In order to aid him in this search he mastered scripts like ‘Vattezhuth’, ‘Kolezhuth’, Brahmi, Prakruth, thulu, Sanskrit, Thulu, Kannada, Konkani. 

About his achievement he would enthusiastically comment that he could read four lines on the outer wall of some temple, or a few lines in front of the sanctum sanctorum etc.

Born at Madakkara village near Irinavu in Kannur, he was attracted to the ancient history while teaching college students.  Together with his students from Payyannur College, he had looked around Madayipparambu, Pazhayangadi etc in search of ancient inscriptions.

These efforts have enabled him to present his findings at the Indian History Congress.


Courtesy: C.Narayanan (text), Mathrubhumi, November 8, 2009
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