January 19, 2010

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Aysha Iqbal, Manager, Tha Alimul Islam English School, Padoor, Thrissur

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After her children go to school and college in the morning, and after finishing all household works, Aysha Iqbal does not think of switching on the TV or being involved in idle chatting.  Instead, this manager of a private school in Padoor, Thrissur and a member of the Venkidangu Grama Panchayat boards the bus to Medical College, Thrissur. 

In this desolate world of pain, helplessness and bitterness, she applies the balm of compassion to the needy ones. Last time, it was to help a women bathe her old mother admitted there.

Her resonance with the suffering minds was nurtured by her parents.  Her father Adbullakutty was the owner of a beedi company.  Whenever he used to purchase new cloths for his children, he would buy some for the poor neighbours also.

The foundation thus laid was further strengthened by her experiences in the crucible of life.  Her 1˝-year-old daughter drowned.  Her son suffered from renal problem and her husband had to undergo a major heart surgery.

“Holy Quran advises us to help the suffering.  Once, an LKG student of my school discontinued studies after the death of her father.  I went to his house and found out that her mother could not afford to send her to an English-medium school.  I told them that I shall pay the fees.  Nobody, including the girl, need to be told about this,” she reveals

Seeing her activities, her son and daughter too have started following her footsteps.  They do not spend the money given to them to buy crackers during festivals.  Instead, they prefer to spend that to help the poor.  The other day, her husband entered a well to save an old woman.  The three blocks in his heart and the recent surgery did not deter him.

“Seeing her activities, I too have become like her,” he says.


Courtesy: B.Sreerekha (text), Vanitha, July 1-14, 2009
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