September 27, 2009

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Prasanna, teacher, Government school, Kottila, Kannur

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Her school is only 10 minutes walk from home.  And yet Prasanna starts from home at 7.30am and reaches home only by 7.30pm.

Ask her the reason and her modest reply is: “I will be busy with special class and project work till then.  And on Saturdays there will be special class from morning to evening.”

This teacher of 22 years experience at Government school, Kottila, Kannur has a passion for science projects by students.

Although first project she guided did not get completed, since then her students have been bringing laurels to the school through Sastra Melas.  Her next project was on the quality of local water while the next year it was on declining cultivation of paddy.  During the next two years, the topics were cow and milk as well as deleterious effects of leveling a hill.

Besides performing well in the last 4 Bala Sastra Congresses, the school has the distinction of having the best science club in the District.  “It is only because of the cooperation and help of other teachers and parents that these things were possible,” she says self-effacingly.

Suffering from varicose vein, she cannot stand for long time at a stretch.  But that does not prevent her from venturing into helping students.  If those weak in studies approach her, this Physics teacher is ready to learn other subjects and provide free tuition to them.

“With 25 hours of teaching per week and other activities, work at home sometimes suffers”, she says.  But she has done her ‘home work’ well by teaching her own daughters.  The eldest is a student of engineering and the younger one is in Plus One.

“Sometimes I feel like giving up these activities and keeping quiet.  But when I see the faces of students, I forget everything”, she says.


Courtesy: C.Narayanan (text), Pushpajan Thaliparambu (photo), Gruhalakshmi, April 2009
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