May 9, 2009

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K.T.Varghese alias Appachan, Kumbukkal House, Murinja Puzha.P.O, Cheruvalllikkulam, Idukki 04869 288275

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Scientific observation leading to innovative thinking and innovative thinking leading to proactive steps:  these are the ways of a successful farmer K.T.Varghese alias Appachan of Kumbukkal House, Murinja Puzha.P.O, Cheruvalllikkulam, Idukki.  When all the pepper creepers in his farm were falling prey to the quick wilt disease 10-15 years ago, his keen observation enabled him to pull the farm from the brink of disaster by a whisker as it were.

Even while the creepers were dying due to the disease, he observed that one plant was outliving the epidemic.  Without getting upset by the loss of all other plants, he turned his attention to the healthy one.

With a scientific bend of mind, he developed new saplings from that mother plant.  And he christened it ‘Kumbukkal Pepper’ after his own family name.  In due time, this variety began to demonstrate better yield and resistance to diseases.

National Innovation Foundation accepted his finding and included it in their register.  And that has formed the inspiration for many of his neighbours to try and cultivate ‘Kumbukkal Pepper’.

According to Appachan, the new variety has the following advantages: it is highly resistant to quick wilt; it has better growth and yield when compared to other varieties; it can withstand draught owing to its well spread out root structure etc.


Courtesy: Sindhu K.Mathew, Kerala Karshakan, February 2006
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"Change of pasture make fat calves."