May 1, 2009

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Shukkur, Ekarool, Kozhikode

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The farm is formed by the alluvial deposit of the river.  The water is provided by the river itself.  The cultivation of vegetables during summer is done by Shukkur and his friends.  But the fruit of the effort is for the people at large to enjoy for free.

Yes, it is not to one or two persons that Shukkur provides free vegetables, but to about 150.  As water starts receding from the shore during summer, the young farmer gets to work.  Among his crops are spinach, water melon, cabbage, ladies finger, chillies, snake gourd, cauliflower etc.  Benefactors usually collect the produce directly from the farm.

Shukkur, father of 3 children, runs a footwear shop at Poonoor market.  Every year, vegetables worth more than Rs.10000 are cultivated here in the organic way.  He, his family and friends spend their spare time to cultivate these vegetables. 

As rainy season comes, the area goes underwater.  Later, the river replenishes the minerals and nutrients and gets the farm ready by the next summer. 

Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, March 13, 2009
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