April 16, 2009

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Ajeesha, M.V.S, Kalaikkode, Poothakkulam, Paravoor, Kollam

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It is said that when Sage Vyasa wanted to compose Mahabharata, he looked for someone who could write it down as fast as he would dictate it.  Tradition has it that he finally settled on Ganapathi for doing the task.  The author’s demand was that the scribe should write down the lines as fast as it was uttered and with full understanding.  And the scribe’s demand was that there should not be any pause in the dictation.

One is reminded of this traditional lore while reading about Ajeesha, a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy, who has authored hundreds of poems in a short span of time and has even won a national award for meritorious achievement.  She was recently in New Delhi to receive the award from Sonia Gandhi.

Cerebral palsy makes her depend on her mother for most of her physical needs.  That is understandable.  But what are uncommon are her urgent calls to her mother to note down the flash flood of poems that roll down her tongue.

Earlier the mother couldn’t keep pace with her daughter’s outpourings in verse.  And young Ajeesha would burst out crying.  But now the mother keeps herself ready for the poem that may emerge any time.

Born prematurely with low birth weight, she inherited the physical disabilities of cerebral palsy.   Though her body continues to be a frequent visitor to the doctors and hospitals, her voice has been blessed by the Muse to bring forth poems of blemishless beauty. 

Courtesy: Reeshma Damodaran (text), K.B.Satheesh Kumar (photo), Gruhalakshmi, April 2009
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"The hand that gave the wound must give the cure."