November 27, 2008

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Padmavathi Varasyar, Thirunavaya, Malappuram

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Having witnessed one thousand moons, octogenarian Padmavathi Varasyar has the added joy of living with an extended family of hundreds of guardian-less children.  More than 250 such children live in various ‘Warrier Homes’ at Thirunavaya, Chennai and Mumbai and the Warrier Foundation, spends about 1.25 crores a year towards this philanthropic effort.

Varasyar had inspired her children on the path of thyaga.  And so when her son Madhavan became the recipient of the largesse of goddess Lakshmi, he knew how to spend the money.

Madhavan, who had boarded the train to Mumbai in 1968 with just two pair of soiled cloths and a little cash that his father could scrap together, steadily rose to become the head of a Rs.300-crore software firm.  He then thought of the philanthropic urges that were dormant in him since long.

So he formed the Warrier Foundation that now manages the ‘Warrier Homes’.  Varasyar’s daughters Thilakam, Sathi and Pankajam too are involved as ‘mothers’ at these centres. 

“The joy that one gets from thyaga cannot be got from any other thing.  Money is of course needed, but there is only limited joy from material prosperity,” says Madhava Warrier.

Courtesy: C.Sandipini (text), M.B.Dhaneesh (photo), Mathrubhumi, October 26, 2008
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"He gives twice who gives quickly."