January 6, 2008

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Ranjith, Lenin and Rineesh, R.A.C.Higher Secondary School, Kadameri

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Stumbling upon a bag by the roadside containing Rs 1.25 lakhs would be a temptation for many to own it as their own.  But to three students of R.A.C.Higher Secondary School, Kadameri, such a thing was to be returned to its legitimate owner.

Walking for an hour from their rural homes to the school was a routine for Ranjith, Lenin and Rineesh.  Their parents weren’t well off either.  But when the situation presented them with a cash bag, they knew that human values were more significant than money value.

Nasar, a cement dealer in Kadameri town, had carried the bag containing Rs.1.25 lakhs in the pocket of his raincoat.  While traveling on the motorcycle, the bag fell by the wayside along which the three students had come.  They picked it up but could not believe their eyes.

Though they were getting late for the class, they decided to wait there for the possible owner to turn up.  And sure enough, after sometime, a tired-looking person came there on a bike and asked their help to search for a bag containing some money.

It was then that they revealed to him the truth of their finding.  Relief and bewilderment rendered him incapable of driving the motorcycle any further and he stumbled home with the money.  Soon the news spread and the deed of the threesome was appreciated in many forums.

Their school arranged a special assembly session to comment their honesty.   However, for Ranjith, Lenin and Rineesh, doing such things is only natural.

Courtesy: Sharmila (text), Pushpajan Thaliparamba (photo), Gruhalakshmi, September 2007
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"No honest man ever repented his honesty."