January 30, 2008

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Subaida, Padanna, Kasargod

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Two of her dreams were quite ordinary by usual standards, but which were distant goals for a woman of very limited resources.  But that did not deter Subaida of Perunna, Kasargod from initially dreaming of owning a sewing machine and later learning driving.  And today, she runs two tailoring units and two driving schools and gives employment to atleast half a dozen women.

After becoming wife of hotel worker Azeez and a mother of two children, 7th standard dropout Subaida did not keep idle.  She took apart infants’ dresses and learned to stitch similar ones for her kid.  Seeing this, neighbours too started placing orders on her.

During that time, her dream was to own a sewing machine.  With a loan of Rs.5000 from the Cooperative Bank, she was able to realize it.

Later, the family built a house and utilized the terrace for a tailoring unit.  With a loan for Rs.2.5 lakhs, she was able to start a second unit in town.

It was then that she dreamt of her second desire: to learn driving.  With the help of her friend Sunitha she soon realized that desire too. 

The next aim was to start a driving school.  With a loan of Rs.2 lakhs from PMRY, she bought a car.  Numerous hurdles like qualification, width of office, sufficiency of parking area etc tested her will.  Surmounting all obstacles, her Subi Driving School came into existence.  Soon a branch was opened and a second car procured on loan. 

Now Subaida, who is the district secretary of the women’s wing of Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi of Kasargod, is preparing to appear for an exam equivalent to SSLC. 

“With a will to work hard and a matching patience, women too can succeed in any field,” she asserts.


Courtesy: P.Sanitha Ravi (text), Ramanatha Pai (photo), Gruhalakshmi, November 2007
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