February 23, 2008

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‘Akshara’, Koolimad, Kozhikode

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The spark was provided by an incident during the meeting of the village cultural forum, ‘Akshara’.  Smoking by someone during the meeting of the Club had led to a ruckus, whose effect fortunately was positive. 

The members of the Club decided to make Koolimad in Kozhikode tobacco-free.  Their successful campaign started with awareness programmes and posters.  With the wholehearted support of the womenfolk, the shop owners too came around the decision not to sell tobacco products. Thus from one end of the village to the other, the people of Koolimad flicked off the obnoxious habit.  Since the last 13 years, Koolimad is a tobacco-free village, both in its use and sales.

Akshara, which will shortly be celebrating its 20th anniversary, has decided to honour senior trader A.C.Aliman for not selling tobacco products since 1995.

In order to sustain the drive, the Club conducts annual awareness-building exercises including classes, posters and hoardings.  To the outsiders who may happen to indulge in smoking in the village market place, the people will gently advice on the harmful effects of the habit.


Courtesy: Malayala Manorama, February 20, 2008
Contributed by: Administrator

"Old habits die hard."