February 17, 2008

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Philip Paulose, The Homeopathic Clinic, Kundukad, Thrissur Ph: 0487- 2695627

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Long ago, accepting the endorsement of Mahatma Gandhi that homeopathy had a lot of relevance in a poor country like India, young Philip Paulose plunged into the study and practice of that system of medicine.  Today, as an 83-year-old, the doctor still practices at the Clinic he founded more than 50 years ago, in 1953 at Kundukad, Thrissur.

Son of Philip and Anna of Puthanapurayil, Palachuvadu, Edayarkarayil, Koothattukulam, Ernakulam, he was born in 1923 and chose Kundukad in Thrissur as the arena of his activity. 

Some decades ago, when Kerala was passing through a wave of smallpox, he, along with Fr. Vadakkan, boldly went from door-to-door to offer medicine to the populace.  However, Dr.Philip did not restrict his social concerns to medicine alone.  He founded a school at Kundukad and was actively involved in the agitation by the nearby villagers who were threatened with inundation following proposal to construct a dam nearby.

He had a role in convincing the first Health Minister of Kerala, Dr, A.R.Menon on the need to nurture homeopathy.  Soon three clinics came up in Kerala.  This must be read against the fact that Government of India recognized homeopathy only in 1974.

The doctor, who has treated thousands of people, has a healthy attitude towards other systems of medicine.  According to him, the different systems are complementary.


Courtesy: George Pulikkan (text), Manorama Arogyam, February 2008
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