February 15, 2008

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Vinod Balakrishnan, Vallikot, Pathanamthitta

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Many are the lands and professional areas across the world where Malayalis have made their presence felt.  And in the making of the de facto industry-standard photo-enhancement software Photoshop, is a well known professional who is the product of ordinary educational institutions of Kerala. Vinod Balakrishnan is a name familiar to Photoshop users as it appears on the splash screen of the program.

Vinod stepped through various IT assignments in India and abroad before being part of the Silicon Valley team at Adobe that produces the program.  He had his schooling at St.George Mount School, Kaippattoor and his B.Tech in computer science at T.K.M.Engineering College, Kollam.  He remembers with gratitude the support and advice given by his school teachers. ”It was they who converted my enthusiasm for maths and science into a passion,” he says.

In order to retain his dream to work in a worthwhile area in the IT field, he has had to sacrifice many lucrative offers.  And that patience to wait for the right choice has perhaps paid off.

Vinod’s father Balakrishnan is a businessman and mother Ponnamma, a homemaker.  His wife Ranju is with him in the IT field in the US.  They have two children: Anoop and Anuj.


Courtesy: R.Gireesh Kumar (text), Mathrubhumi, October 20, 2007
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