August 9, 2008

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Sebastian, East Eleri Panchayat, Kasargod District

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He does not have any academic credentials to speak of, but Sebastian of East Eleri Panchayat bordering Karnataka in Kasargod District has wedded inventions as his hobby.  Even while eking out a living as worker or small time entrepreneur, he devotes the spare time, energy and savings to invent new things which he hope will one day be of use to the common man.

A device to produce electricity from streams and rivulets, water tap, boxes that use the principle of attraction of magnet, cars that do not collide due to the repulsive force of magnets, machine for slicing banana and tapioca, an inflatable chair etc are some of his innovations.

Although officials of State Science and Technology Department had contacted him and acknowledged the worth of his effort, no follow up is forthcoming from Government level to help him convert the prototypes to commercial products.

Son of Mathai and Mariam of Poonjar in Kottayam District, he has worked in various parts of the State.  Even while busy with various jobs, he would be dreaming of the next invention.

A bachelor, he waits for the day when these mental creations of his would be mass produced to lessen the burden of the common man. 


Courtesy: Mathew Areekkat (text), Deepika, August 5, 2008
Contributed by: Administrator

"Experience is the best teacher."