October 12, 2007

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Surendra Babu, Kanaka Leather Works, Nilambur, Malappuram

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Children have different desires.  Surendra Babu’s grief during his childhood days was that no one requested any alms or assistance from him.  However, that is now over as this cobbler from Nilambur has found social service his abiding interst.

Now whenever destitutes are spotted in Nilambur, people often bring it to his notice.  And Babu is only too willing to get the chance to be of help to such needy souls.

His first assistance was for a tribal youth Vellan, whom he got admitted in the hospital.  Vellan was later diagnosed to be suffering from TB.

Cleaning mentally-ill wanderers, admitting the sick in hospital, cremating unclaimed dead bodies etc are activities that he undertakes.

“If I go and request money for some venture, no body asks me for what purpose.  They know that it will be spend for a good purpose.  Cloth merchants provide old cloths,” he says.

He has the support of his wife Prabhavathi and sons Prasanth and Pranav in these activities.

Surendra Babu has a dream.  It is to become a full time social worker after his sons can stand on their own legs.


Courtesy: Ranjith Nair (text), Vanitha, September 1-14, 2007
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"A rich child often sits in a poor mother's lap."