February 8, 2007

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Rajendran, Thekkethodiyil House, Mylakkad, Kollam

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Without waiting for resources or academic qualifications or institutional support, a taxi driver has taken up the task of doing research on accidents and creating awareness about safe driving among fellow drivers.  Rajendran of Thekkethodiyil House, Mylakkad, Kollam, who is a driver at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, is doing this worthwhile project at home. 

Named, ‘Accident Study Centre: Research and Remedy’, his home reveals his passion.  He has gathered media clippings of accidents that occurred in Kerala during the past 60 years.  And these include accidents involving not only road vehicles, but trains, planes and ships. Also represented are accidents from other parts of the world. His collection includes the interesting newspaper clipping of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru nursing a cow, knocked down by the car in which he was traveling.  Using such exhibits Rajendran is trying to sensitise the drivers to the need for cautious driving and compassionate caring.  He has even prepared a poster containing 18 items for drivers.

With 11 types of licences and years of experience, 39-year-old Rajendran does not lack credentials for such a study.  But perhaps more significant has been his humanitarian efforts on the road.  While working in High Range areas and during his stint with Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, he has had occasions to be a Good Samaritan to many a bleeding accident victim abandoned on the road.  Although he has driven different vehicles like crane, road roller, motorboat, trailer etc for many years, he has so far not been involved in even a minor accident.

Rajendran spends considerable part of his earnings on the project.  His wife Soja and children Seethalakshmi and Harikrishnan assist him in his efforts.  He hopes to present the findings of his study to the Government.  


Courtesy:Santhosh Priyan, Madhyaman, January 31, 2006
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