October 5, 2006

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Rabeeulla, East Kodoor, Malappuram

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Perhaps the training in the playgrounds of his native village of East Kodoor must have helped young Rabeeulla when he went to the Gulf and sought his place under the sun.  And on becoming a successful businessman in the land of shifting sand dunes, he has constructed and gifted a football stadium for the youth of his village in Malappuram.

It was in the 1970s that Rabeeulla set sail to Damam.  A sweat-extracting and meager-paying job tested his endurance.  But a chance break of employment in a doctor’s clinic hastened the play of fortune in his life.

He observed that the expatriate Keralites had to shell out a fortune for consultations and medicine.  It was then that he dreamt of a healthcare service employing the best quality professionals at affordable price.  Slowly his dream of a Malayalee clinic materialized.  Soon other clinics too started coming up in the region.

If gifting the stadium was a gesture meant to capture the heart of the youth of his village, he has not been unmindful of the other sections of the society.  Distribution of autorickshaws to unemployed youth too followed soon.  And the Trust in the memory of his father Muhammed Fazalulla has chalked out programme for the adoption and overall development of the village.


Courtesy: Salim Kappil, Mathrubhumi, September 10, 2006
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