October 11, 2006

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Aboobacker of Konganam Veettil, Ponnani, Malappuram

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It is a common sight to see queue of women, children and old men waiting with medical prescriptions in front of an old shop near Canoli canal in Ponnani everyday.  At 9 o’clock, a sexagenarian comes and opens the shop.  He gives medicines to all the patients and accepts just their tired smiles.

For the past 13 years, this has been a common sight in the area.  Aboobacker of Konganam Veettil has been providing free service to poor patients for the past 26 years. He collects sample medicines available with doctors and distributes them through his shop to the needy.

In 1980, after Muslim Service Society (MSS) was formed in Ponnani, the idea of distributing free medicine to poor patients came up as a project.  The Society entrusted the work to Aboobacker.  After doing the work for 13 years under the Society, he left it to continue the work on his own.  Most days one would find him hiring a vehicle to visit doctors. 

He approaches doctors in Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Palakkad, Ottappalam etc.  Most of the doctors know him.  His network about 500 doctors would have kept ready the sample medicines.

Although he has studied only upto 10th standard, he has good awareness about even the latest medicines.  He buys and reads even medical journals for the purpose.  His doctor-friends too help him in this matter.

A hardware businessman of yesteryears, he had dropped his business to plunge into philanthropic activities.

UN and the IMA have honoured him.  Jameela is his wife.  Kainaf, Sajitha and Masitha are his children.



Courtesy: Vimal Kottakkal, Mathrubhumi, September 23, 2006
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