October 1, 2006

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Boys Higher Secondary School, Mancha, Thiruvananthapuram

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The gift of food for needy schoolmates without seeking publicity or trampling with the self-respect of beneficiaries: 500-student strong Boys Higher Secondary School, Mancha, Thiruvananthapuram has implemented a small such project.  35 poor students, who earlier had to make do with tap water for lunch can now look forward to home-cooked food wrapped with love of their schoolmates, everyday.

It was Principal J.Amminikkutty who put forward the idea at the first teachers meeting of this academic year.  There was no dissenting note.

As part of the programme, a study of the domestic situation of the students was conducted and 25 potential beneficiaries identified.  Next the list of donors and the schedule of contributions was prepared.

Once implemented, programme turned out to be a success. As more students, teachers and non-teaching staff came forward to contribute their mite, the scheme was extended to 35 students.  The packets brought by the donors are kept in a special place in the staff room.  The needy can take any packet of their choice.  This randomness ensures that sufficient anonymity is built into the scheme to insulate donors from beneficiaries.

Teachers, other staff, students and parents form the team that runs the scheme.


Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, August 3, 2006
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