November 7, 2006

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Ravi P.Nair, Elwer Systems, Kozhikode

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Ravi P.Nair no longer wakes up with running nose or bouts of sneezing although he still uses a ceiling fan in his bedroom.  The trick, he has discovered, is to use an automatic fan speed regulator that makes the fan work at decreasing speed as the night progresses.  And so he went about and invented one such device.

Ravi, who had been involved in R&D efforts at several companies in Bhopal and Mumbai, says his two-knob control device reduces the speed every 1 hours.

The device, which costs just a little more than the usual regulator, would thus bring the cooling of the room in tune with the atmospheric temperature.

He says such an invention is totally new to the ceiling fan.  I have come across ceiling fans with light, remote control and timer that allows them to start or stop automatically for a preset period.  But the kind of regulator made  by me is totally different", he says.

Ravi, who runs Elwer Systems, an electronics company in Kozhikode, hopes the device will be useful to those who suffer from asthma, rheumatic disorders and sinusitis.


Courtesy: K.Santhosh, The Hindu, September 25, 2006
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