November 12, 2006

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Jose, Kalayapuram, Kottarakkara, Kollam

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Kalayapuram Jose was earlier involved in prohibition-related agitations.  So in 1994 when he decided to look after a vagabond whom a restaurant-owner had hurt, his dear and near ones could not understand the change in him.  Nor could they detect the logic behind his gifting away 53 cents of ancestral land and 19 cents of his own land in Kottarakkara for orphans.

Since the first inmate, there has been a steady increase in the number of special persons whom he had served through ‘Sanketam’, the orphanage at Kalayapuram.  Today Jose and his wife Mini look after 60 persons, two of whom happen to be their own daughters.

Among other institutions he has nurtured are ‘Ashraya’ at Kottarakkara and ‘Sishu Vihar’ at Adoor to provide haven for abandoned children.  ‘Sahayi’ at Edappal provides solace to the old and forsaken.  AIDS patients and their children find a shelter in ‘Abhayam’ and ‘Snehathazhvara’ in Wayanad is for prevention of suicides.

Though these institutions do not receive foreign aid or Government grant, they have so far not lacked the benevolence of philanthropists.  It is not rare to observe Kottarakkara-residents celebrating birthdays and anniversaries at ‘Sanketam’.

Many awards have come his way.  KANFED award, Asan award, V.K.Krishna Menon Memorial award, Nehru award etc are some of them.  In an emotionally-memorable function, his alma mater Thamarakkudy Sivavilasom School wished him Godspeed with a gift of Rs.10000.

His wife Mini too is a ready fellow-traveller along Jose’s offbeat path.  They had a worry at the back of their mind as to who will carry on their tasks once the daughters marry and go away.  Perhaps in answer to that prayer, an infant abandoned in a paddy field came into their care.  After all the medical struggles and a further legal battle, Ashish has become their heir-apparent.  


Courtesy: M.K.Suresh, Mathrubhumi, October 29, 2006
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"While there is life, there is hope."