June 18, 2006

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Sudhakaran, ‘Samudra Ship Yard’, Aroor Industrial Estate, Ernakulam

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40 years ago, when wood was relatively plentiful for fabrication of boats, Sudhakaran of Anjiliparambil, Alappuzha decided to fabricate a boat made of iron.  And like many innovations, his idea too had to go through the initial stages of scorn and indifference.  But the tide has now changed and a yardstick of his achievement could be the 3000 fibreglass boats fabricated and delivered by his company so far.

After having fabricated one of the first metal boats in India, he fabricated the first grab dredger for Lakshadweep – GD Venkatesh.  Later he built 6 self propelled barges for Inland Navigation Corporation.  However, it was after he built a ‘jankar’ for the Corporation of Kochi that people at large came to know of his innovativeness.

However, despite his proven talent and vision in the field, he had to undergo the slings and arrows of misfortune.  He lost everything and would have been consigned to obscurity had it not been for the united effort of his 3 sons, Jeevan, Harish and Arun.

Whatever he lost, and more, has been brought home by them.  And the unity of the 3 sons and their wives is the key to the success of ‘Samudra Ship Yard’ at Aroor Industrial Estate.

From first fiberglass boat in 1990, to the recently launched first fiberglass houseboat, ‘Dwaraka’, the company has been leading the way in many areas.  It has been producing more than 30 items including Life Jacket, Ice Box, Insulated Containers, boats, houseboats etc. 

Jeevan is the chairman of the venture, while Harish is the Managing Director and Arun, the Executive Director.  A more fitting illustration of their mutual cooperation has been the fact that all the 3 live with their families and their parents under a single roof at Idakkochi. 

Perhaps Sudhakaran and his sons must have realised that it is easier and safer to cross the turbulent sea of life in the raft rowed by all of them together.


Courtesy: Staff Reporter, Mathrubhumi, May 22, 2006
Contributed by: Administrator


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