January 9, 2006

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M.I.Mathai, Muttathuvakkal, Kottayam Ph: 0481- 2524379

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An engineer is one who is ingenious.  This etymological definition quite apt in the case of M.I.Mathai, who was an engineer in the Madhya Pradesh Public Works Department and who invented a rice winnowing machine.

Even when he was engaged in official work at Madhya Pradesh, he did not let his fields lie idle.  Although cultivation continued, he was disheartened by the almost one-month winnowing process.  It was to overcome this quite personal difficulty that he thought of developing a winnowing machine.

The essential parts of the machine consist of a chamber for receiving the sheaf of rice, a fan and a motor.  A central rod with spikes, which rotates in the chamber, is the thrashing unit.  As sheaf are fed into the chamber, it gets thrashed by the rotating rod and moves to the other end aided by the fan and the shape of the spikes.  The grains fall to the bottom and come out of the machine through the wiremesh.

Even sheafs that have fallen in water can be winnowed by this machine.  Mathai invented the machine 10 years ago and handed over its rights to RAIDCO in 1997.  Now with certain modifications, they are marketing it.

Now a full time farmer in his native Kuttanad, Mathai is unknown in his native land though his machine is quite popular in the region.

Courtesy: Karshakashree, June, 2005
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