January 8, 2006

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T.P.Imbichammad, Chairman, Sienna Group, Chennai

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A fall could be the stepping stone to success, if one goes by the experience of T.P.Imbichammad, Chairman of the Rs.150-crore turnover Sienna Group.  A graduate in mechanical engineering from College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, he had joined the Army after graduation.  However, during the training period he had a fall, which eventually terminated his military career within 3 months.

He then joined a British firm and served it for 25 years.  A desire to start something on his own led him to engineering project services. 

It was then that he was invited by Government of Kerala to start Western Edible Oil Complex in Wayanad.  Change of Government led to change of policies and the firm had to be wound up.

As he was ruminating over this second fall, an offer came to him to do Kishkinda, the first water theme park of India.  Although reluctant to venture into the new field, he ultimately agreed and went with the promoters to Germany to study the parks there.  German firms put forward unaffordable rates when they approached them for designs.  Undaunted, Imbichammad and team came back to India and fabricated the complete rides for less than Rs. 2 crores.  This is in the backdrop of the fact that the German designers had demanded Rs.2 for just one ride.

5 years ago, he opened a unit in the Export Zone at Chennai to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).  PCBs costing Rs300 to Rs.4 lakhs are manufactured here for customers like Wipro, IBM etc.  Units manufacturing cable harness and machine tools are other ventures of his.  95% of the product is exported to USA, he says.  It was only recently that the Group took over a plant in Atlanta, USA.

Member of New York Academy of Sciences; Alumni of IIM, Ahmadabad; Member of Board of Governors of IIT, Madras; Member, Syndicate, Madras Univesity; Member, Senate, Dr.MGR University; Member, Technical Education and Industry Interaction, Government of Kerala etc are some of the indications of his academic graph.

When he took over as Chairman of public sector TELK, Angamali, the company was in the red by Rs.85 crores.  Without claiming any salary, he led the company to register a profit of Rs.8 crores last year.


Courtesy: K.A.Johny (text), Mathrubhumi, November 14, 2005
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"Experience is the father of wisdom."