January 7, 2006

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V.A.Johny Vithayathil, Livestock Assistant, Kozhippally Milk Cooperative Society

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Innovative skills and interest in livestock development since childhood have enabled V.A.Johny Vithayathil to invent the Rs.2500- milking machine that will be useful to small milk producers.  A Livestock Assistant at Kozhippally Milk Cooperative Society of Milma, Johny’s objective in designing the machine was to develop a device that was easy to use and carry besides being light on the pocket.

The initial device developed by him had a 12-litre capacity milk storage unit, a small hand pump and a unit that was to be fitted to the udder of the cow.  By easy operation of the device, it was possible to draw out 8 litres of milk in 5 minutes.  Another advantage of the machine was that it could be easily dismantled and cleaned.

Although he developed the device, its distribution by an agency bestowed on him bitter experiences.  So he has now developed the prototype of a better device.  In the new version, the milk collection vessel has been dispensed with.  The user can substitute any vessel.  This reduces the size and cost of the machine.

His other innovations include glows for artificial insemination in cattle and rain-guard without pins.  These innovative efforts have won him a National Innovation Foundation award too.


Courtesy: Karshakashree, June, 2005
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