January 5, 2006

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Manoj Kumar, Peramangalam, Thrissur

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Manoj Kumar, a mechanic from Peramangalam, Thrissur, has come up with an invention that can detect and alert automobile drivers falling asleep.  Manoj, who studied upto 8th standard and apprenticed at electrical, electronics and automobile institutes in Kannur and Coimbatore, has applied for international patent.

A mechanic in the Gulf for 4 years, he was aroused to think of such a device following the death of a friend in a road accident caused by suspected drowsy driving.  “I worked on the device for days together and rectified the flaws.  A few car companies have shown interest in the invention”, says Manoj who showed letters from a multinational firm to support his claim.

There are several life-saving devices for long-distance drivers that include one that raises alarm if the driver’s head drops or another that is based on the proximity of the headrest.  Manoj’s system consists of a camera focused on the eyes of the driver and an infrared light-emitting diode.  The camera is connected to a monitoring screen provided with a sensor, which in turn is connected to a relay and an alarm.

“3 years ago, the device won a commendation from P.Mannar Jawahar, head of the Department of Automobile Engineering, Anna University”, says Manoj.


Courtesy: K.Santhosh (text), K.K.Najeeb (photo), The Hindu, December 17, 2005
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