January 21, 2006

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A.T.Thomas, Edayal, Melukavil, Kottayam Ph: 04822- 219177

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To him the need of the hour was a machine capable of converting arrowroot into paste faster and safer.  And so farmer A.T.Thomas donned the role of inventor and developed a machine that met his needs and won him a National Innovation Foundation award.

As someone who used to make arrowroot powder and sell it, he had earlier relied on a perforated metal sheet to scrap the roots.  The disadvantages were two-fold: the slow process and the risk of hurting the hand if attention wavered.  So 15 years ago he developed the first version of a machine to overcome these difficulties.

After 3 years he further improved the device.  The present machine, developed 6 years ago, is the 3rd version.  The working of the device is simple: a 1 HP motor provides power through belt to a rotating 6 wooden shaft covered with perforated metal sheet.  A feeding chamber from top leads directly to the roller and has an adjustable support to control the space between shaft and support.  As the motor is switched on, arrowroots come to the space between rotating shaft and support and are scrapped.  The paste falls on a tray kept inclined in the middle of the device.  After cleaning 7 times, the paste forms clear arrowroot solution.  On settlement, the power is filtered out and used as a food supplement after further processing.

Using the Rs.10000-machine that can scrap 100 kg of root in 20 minutes, Thomas undertakes scrapping job on contract basis. 

Courtesy: Karshakasree, June, 2005
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"Necessity is the mother of invention."